BigCommerce to PVX

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Looking to integrate your Peoplevox software? We can help with that.

Peoplevox is a warehouse management system (WMS), which is a piece of software designed to support all the goings on in your warehouse. From managing and optimising your storage to tracking the movement of inventory, Peoplevox have you covered.

Automated warehouse management takes a huge weight off your shoulders – and Patchworks are here to make your life even easier.

We work directly with Peoplevox to integrate their software with your ERP or e-commerce platform, making your warehouse as efficient as it can possibly be. What’s more, we connect all your online stores to Peoplevox. That means your stock levels will always be up to date, giving you the freedom and confidence to sell products on your own site as well as on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and beyond.

Sell accurately. Sell more.

No more overselling. By integrating Peoplevox, your website will know everything your warehouse does. You’ll never have to worry about order fulfilment, and all those manual data-input tasks become automated. Not only does this save you and your employees precious time, it also massively reduces your margin for error. And fewer errors means happier customers.

If you’re a fast-growing business, integrating your e-commerce platform with a world-class warehouse management system is essential. We connect everything on one easy-to-use platform, meaning you can sit back and watch your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Best of all? We take away all the technical headaches, leaving you more time to focus on scaling your business.

BigCommerce to PVX services available

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