Emarsys & Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations

Omnichannel marketing, driven by integration

Build customer profiles 

Emarsys is an omnichannel B2C marketing platform, designed to help you reach more customers and automate your marketing tasks. By building detailed customer profiles, Emarsys enables you to market in the right place, at the right time, to the right people.

Using artificial intelligence to track your customers’ activity and gather insights, Emarsys allows you to treat every customer as an individual. And when you connect your marketing platform with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store, Emarsys has even more data to work with.

Automate your work

By integrating Emarsys with Commerce Cloud, you open up an automated channel of communication between your website and your marketing platform. Through scheduled data syncs, Emarsys learns more about your customers, enabling the platform to build more detailed customer profiles.

With these profiles, you can create a more targeted marketing strategy. And with Patchworks’ leading platform powering your integration, you can do it without inputting any of the data.

More opportunities. More conversions. Welcome to smarter marketing.

Why Patchworks?

We specialise in bringing the best elements of your business together under one roof. Baffled by integration? Don’t worry. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, showing you how to use your new Patchworks platform to transform your business.

  • Easy to use: Enjoy a single cloud platform to connect Emarsys with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Save time & money: By automating data input tasks and eliminating overselling, we help your business save time, money and valuable resources
  • Dedicated team: You’ll be allocated a team of experts, scoping your project with a 360º analysis of your business’ needs
  • Reliable & accurate: Data is securely transferred with no risk of manual errors
  • Flawless customer experience: Your customers will always see the correct information and stock levels, eliminating the risk of overselling
  • Growth & performance: Increase your efficiency and profitability, and easily connect new systems when you’re ready
  • 100% UK-based: Patchworks is the only integration service to be fully based in the UK, ready to respond whenever you need us

Save time & sell more with Patchworks

Integrations giving you a headache? Got a project you’d like to discuss? We’d love to hear from you. Either give us a call or fill in our handy contact form. Get started today

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