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Some of our favourite leading ecommerce builders

Shopify API

Today, almost everything is possible online. Furthermore, what used to be extremely complicated and costly to develop online now has a wide variety of facilitators, templates, plugins and apps to do much of the technical work for you. This is certainly the case for many ecommerce sites and there are some cracking bits of software that can help you out. If you fancy developing your own ecommerce website, take a look at some of our favourite choices when it comes to market leading ecommerce builders. Patchworks can integrate with them all of course!


With no less than a hundred different templates to choose from, Shopify is a leader in the ecommerce game. With a fully functional CMS system, it is built with WYSIWYG principles and yet you can access all HTML and CSS code if required. Supporting 70 payment gateways and multiple languages, Shopify even supports the creation of apps. Allowing you to optimise for SEO, customers can set up accounts and you can create your own customer groups. This is a meaty bit of software offering you a wealth of ecommerce functionality.


Another leader in the market, Bigcommerce is known for is excellent SEO tools which have demonstrated their ability to improve search engine ranking, giving you a head start before to undertake an SEO project with an agency. Bigcommerce can also offer you countless templates, integration with over 60 payment gateways and a stack load of functionality that would be the envy of many. Offering discount codes and social media integration, nothing has been left to chance and it is all designed to quite simply help you sell more.


If you fancy live chat on your ecommerce site, Volusion can give you that, along with ample templates (both free and premium), custom design functionality and marketing services such as SEO and PPC. You can enjoy payment processing, SSL certificates and fraud protection, all built in to your Volusion ecommerce website. Furthermore there are plenty of apps and how-to guides to help you along the way. A very solid piece of kit.


No discussion of ecommerce building software could be complete without mentioning Squarespace. No complicated coding here, just a great administration panel to work from and heaps of functionality. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, Squarespace will do it better for you, creating SEO friendly pages and plenty of security behind your store.

All of these ecommerce builders are available for a small monthly fee so check out their websites for full details. When you’re ready to integrate your busy ecommerce site with the rest of your systems, talk to us and we’ll get it all sorted for you so that you can focus on building your business.