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Shopify introduces Facebook store app

Shopify API

In September, multi-channel ecommerce platform Shopify teamed up with Facebook to launch its new Facebook Store app, allowing merchants to showcase and sell products direct from their Facebook pages. It’s a big step for Shopify, and opens up some real possibilities for merchants. In this post, we take a look at the new app, exploring the new features and the potential benefits for ecommerce businesses using the Shopify platform. So what’s new? Whilst there are plenty of Facebook Store apps already available, the new offering from Shopify introduces some innovative new features that set it apart from existing apps, opening up some real opportunities for ecommerce businesses. For starters, this is the first Facebook Store app that works on mobile devices, where the majority of Facebook site traffic now comes from. In fact, more than 500 million people only access Facebook from mobile devices – and this new app is the first that enables ecommerce businesses to target these mobile users directly. The shop section is also more prominent than other apps, fitting into the main Facebook page rather than working as a separate tab. This makes it much more visible, as page visitors will see the shop section as soon as they land on your business profile. As a final touch, visitors can subscribe to the shop section, so they receive notifications every time you add new products to the page. When it comes to the usability of the shop, it’s really simple – customers can checkout directly from Facebook, or you can re-direct them to your online shop. How does it work? Shopify has been rolling out the Facebook store app launch gradually over the past month, and at the time of writing, it’s already available to the vast majority of merchants. The company looks set to make it available more widely in the coming months, and you can sign up to the waiting list at https://www.shopify.com/facebook/shop. Once it’s available to your store, setting up the shop section is easy – you can activate it directly from your Shopify home screen. It integrates with Shopify in exactly the same way as with other sales channels – once you’ve added the shop, you can choose which products and collections you want to showcase, and change them as and when you want to. Product details, images and stock levels are linked to your main Shopify platform, so any changes you make will be reflected directly on the store.