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Same day delivery is the new next day

Shopify API

It’s the next big thing. In our increasingly demanding world, the big ecommerce players are starting to offer same day delivery as standard. Argos has become the latest name to announce this step – pitching itself firmly against Amazon in the run up to Christmas trading. Argos now offers a Fast Track delivery service on 20,000 products with a flat fee of just £3.95. Order before 6pm and you’ll receive your delivery by 10pm on the same day – that’s impressive. The service is even available seven days a week. Amazon meanwhile, offers same day delivery to Amazon Prime customers at £6.99 per order and this service is only currently available within certain London postcodes. Game changer Offering same day delivery is without doubt, a massive game changer for the retail industry as a whole. Those businesses that achieve it successfully will be at a tremendous competitive advantage to their rivals and it won’t be long before not offering same day delivery is a distinct weakness. The customers’ expectation will shift and ecommerce businesses will face a considerable fulfilment challenge. Integrate to innovate So just how is large volume, same day delivery going to become achievable? We all saw examples of delivery failures during the run up to Christmas 2014. Remember the explosive demand for delivery and the failures after Black Friday? Well, the key to all this is systems integration. We would term it as “click-to-ship-to-update”. Everything needs to be hooked up so that you know exactly what stock is where at any given time. Same day delivery actually becomes quite straight forward if you invest in systems integration. No part of your order processing and fulfilment system should become the weak link in the chain. From the customer placing their order, to stock management, picking, packing and despatch and finally the courier and delivery system – everything needs to be in tune and optimised to offer great customer service and in turn, a tremendous competitive advantage for your ecommerce business. We’re not saying that every order will need to be delivered same day, but like Amazon and Argos are discovering, the customer is seeking choice and a greater variety of delivery options to suit their busy lives. If you’re the business to achieve this within your market sector, you’ll reap the rewards in higher sales. Patchworks has the knowledge and experience to integrate countless systems; from ecommerce and CRM to ERP and much more. Talk to us if you’d like some advice and guidance – we can help you to make the right decisions for your business and steal a march on what is fast becoming a significant trend.