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Pinterest Buyable Pins for BigCommerce

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There’s some really good news for BigCommerce merchants – they’ve followed in Shopify’s footsteps and enabled Pinterest buyable pins for their stores. In this post, we look at the development, examining how it works, and the opportunities this brings for ecommerce businesses on the BigCommerce platform. What’s happened? BigCommerce has signed a deal with Pinterest that will allow its merchants to use buyable pins on the social media platform. Now, should Pinterest users see something they like the look of and want to make a purchase, then they can buy direct from the Pinterest platform, without having to click through to a BigCommerce store. This follows on from a very similar deal signed by ecommerce rival Shopify earlier this year, and levels the social media playing field for ecommerce merchants using BigCommerce. Ecommerce opportunities Essentially, if your business already uses Pinterest for marketing, then there’s absolutely no reason not to start using Pinterest buyable pins – and if you don’t use Pinterest, then you should definitely get signed up as soon as possible! Buyable pins are a great way to drive customer engagement and discovery sales at no additional cost, and it’s really simple to do from inside the BigCommerce platform. You can add new Pinterest buyable pins, and convert any of your active pins to “buyable” ones. As with all pins, they’ll naturally filter into Pinterest users feeds if they fit in with their interests. The big benefit of buyable pins is in the increase in impulse purchases – it just makes things really easy for customers to purchase there and then, which is a huge factor in driving sales. Pinterest as an ecommerce platform Pinterest has always been great for ecommerce businesses from a marketing point of view, but the disconnect between the items and the shop was always a bit of a negative from a sales perspective. Buyable pins have completely transformed Pinterest into a valuable ecommerce sales channel and we expect it to revolutionise conversion rates for businesses on Pinterest. Currently, Pinterest buyable pins have proved so popular with ecommerce merchants that there’s a waiting list for approval – so if you want to get involved, then you’ll need to get in line with thousands of other ecommerce businesses eager to benefit. BigCommerce users looking to take advantage of buyable pins can head over to https://www.bigcommerce.com/pinterest to get priority access.