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How to get rid of your customers

Shopify API

You might think that this is a strange title for a blog. Perhaps it is; but what if you are doing just this and have yet to realise? Ecommerce website success is not entirely down to the hours spent on it – with such a high percentage of shoppers opting out of a purchase when they reach the shopping cart, ensure that you’re working on the right improvements. Here’s some easy ways to rid your online business of customers; avoid them at all costs! Insist they register before purchasing Yes of course it’s great to capture all of that data about your customers. You can then market to them after their purchase and encourage that all important second order. But if you’re losing too many first time customers because they don’t want to register with you, is it still the right thing to do? Research suggests that 25% of shoppers bail out if they are forced to register before placing an order. That can amount to a great deal of revenue – both on their initial purchase and on future orders. Consider how you might feel if every high street store wanted to know your full details before letting you buy even the smallest of items? I for one would be walking out of many shops. Give them the option to checkout as a guest. Yes, some might want to register and so the choice is good. But if they don’t wish to go that far at this stage, let them buy anyway. They might then come back for more. Hide the shopping basket button When something is added to the shopping basket, it needs to be glaringly obvious. Otherwise, is it any surprise that they forget about it and go elsewhere? You can make it a big deal when they click to buy. Perhaps your shopping basket pops out and they can see all the other items sitting there waiting to be purchased? Perhaps there’s a prominent link to the basket and the number of items shows clearly on it. Look to leading websites for best practice and then make the best decision for your own website. Whatever the outcome, ensure that they cannot miss the fact that they are filling up their shopping basket. Ignore a slow website A single second is significant where ecommerce is concerned. The attention span of a shopper can be very brief and if things go slow, they’re soon heading off to your competitors. So pay attention and keep on top of your website speed! In an ideal world, your checkout would be on just one page, intuitive and most importantly, fast. The more stages that exist, the more shoppers you’ll lose along the way and so speed at the checkout is a desperately important investment. Equate the thought to standing in a queue. How often have you put something down and walked out if the queue looks too long? If you’d been able to quickly pay for the item, you wouldn’t have been given any reason to reconsider your purchase. Talk to your developer about dynamic shopping baskets and see what solutions they can offer you. This area really is worthy of some serious consideration. Keep your delivery costs hidden until the last minute Few people like surprises when it concerns their money and delivery is one of those very sore points that can make or break a sale. In an ideal world, your business would offer free delivery. If you don’t yet do this, consider whether it is possible as research suggests that it can make a huge difference to your sales. If free delivery is not an option, then keep it simple and fair. Furthermore, ensure that they can be clear on the delivery cost situation before they decide to purchase. This is easily done with banners and graphics around the site. Nobody should have to dive into the checkout in order to work out how much delivery is. Of course, if you offer free delivery, it’s another thing that you need to make a song and dance about. People can be more inclined to seriously consider a purchase if they already know that they won’t be paying for delivery.