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Customers not channels should lead ecommerce

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The retail world is changing…fast. Gone are the days of a single route to market, most commonly a retail store and perhaps a telesales operation. Today with have all of this in addition to ecommerce in many guises and the heavy influence of social media and how that can affect the buying process.

Furthermore, consumers have increasingly high expectations across all areas of their life. What they experience in a B2C purchase, they expect to have if they need to buy in a B2B capacity.

What will come next remains unknown but we know that further change and development of the retail landscape in imminent and we know that the customer will retain a huge amount of power.

Organising your business systems by each channel is becoming increasingly cumbersome and is tripping many businesses up. Even trying to separate B2C and B2B is becoming more difficult. And this will only get worse.

So what does a business do in order to enjoy efficiency in their business operations coupled with growth and a great customer experience? Stop building systems around channels and focus on the customer instead. Focus on developing around capabilities and create robust systems that can work across a multitude of channels, including many that might not actually exist yet! Be prepared for the change that will come and be ready to serve your customers from whatever channel they choose, without having to reinvent your business systems each time.

Integration of systems is key to this step change and Patchworks can help you through the process, smoothing the way for a more efficient business model that is equipped to deal with both today and tomorrow, whatever actually happens next.