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Are you serving the 50.3% of mobile ecommerce traffic?

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In August 2015, we reached a really significant milestone – for the first time ever, more people (50.3% - with 40% being mobile phones) accessed online shops from mobile devices than from computers (49.7%). Mobile ecommerce traffic is more important than ever for ecommerce businesses, and in this post, we take a closer look at the rise in mobile, and the big changes in customer buying habits that are set to transform the future of online shopping. The trend Mobile traffic and customer orders have been increasing exponentially for a few years now. Now, there’s absolutely no argument – mobile commerce is the single most popular way for customers to browse online shops. The knock on effect of this is an extension of the hours people are shopping – people no longer set out to “go shopping”, they are always ready to buy, and ecommerce businesses need to be geared up for “always on” shopping. Of course, these figures don’t tell the whole picture, and it doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon your desktop customers. Whilst mobile traffic numbers have outstripped desktops and laptops in terms of traffic, the conversion rates are still much lower. Despite the traffic numbers, the majority (around 66%) of ecommerce sales still come from computers, probably due to the difficulty/perceived safety concerns of entering payment/card details and personal information when on the go. Into the future We’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mobile ecommerce. Things are changing quickly, and there are huge changes coming that all ecommerce businesses need to be effectively prepared for. Easier mobile payment, better social integration, enhanced store design and increased connectivity between devices looks set to drive more and more ecommerce sales online. We’d be astonished if mobile sales didn’t overtake desktop sales in the next 3-5 years, if not sooner. On the social media side of things, the Facebook and Twitter ad platforms are maturing quickly, and proving particularly effective at engaging with consumers on mobile platforms – driving an increase in impulse buys and discovery purchases on mobile. Be prepared The message for every ecommerce business is clear – the landscape has changed forever, and consumers are engaging with online shops on mobile like never before. Enhancing the mobile experience and making it as quick and easy as possible to browse and buy online is the order of the day – and if you’re not focusing on mobile yet, then you definitely should be!